Absentee Owner Home Watch Services
Absentee Owner Services
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Absentee Owner & Homewatch Services

Are you searching for a company to watch over your home?

Our Absentee Homeowner Services program is for owners of second homes or vacation properties that do not plan to rent them under our typical property management program but would still like a professional team to maintain it in top condition for the personal enjoyment of their family and guests.

We understand the constraints of distance and time in caring for a second home and strive to help you fully enjoy your investment and vacation time by offering a full range of services to make sure your property is well cared for and secure.

Once a week home walk through and property check:

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    Heating & air systems
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    Windows & door
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    Pests and odors
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    External security

Opening of home (heat/air, lights, water) prior to owner or guest arrival:

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    Twice yearly home evaluation
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    Coordination and opening of home for other services
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    Local contact for security and emergency calls

What owner fees are charged by PURE Property Management?

Monthly Management Services: Pricing for our Absentee Homeowner Service is based on the location, size, and complexity of the home. A custom quote is provided after a property visit and consultation. Pricing typically ranges from $250/month for small properties up to $450/month for large scale estates.

Maintenance: PURE has built a list of preferred vendors in every trade imaginable. This means we have vetted and trusted vendors and subcontractors that provide fantastic service, top of the line quality, and pledge to offer best possible pricing for our owners. When maintenance needs arise, PURE can facilitate all work necessary to keep your home in perfect condition. Our Facilitation fee is 20% margin on vendor invoices. There is no problem, of course, if you choose to handle the improvement/repair items yourself or hire your own people to do the work.

Services outside of our “Scope of Work”: We are sometimes asked to do things for our clients which we consider to be outside of our property management scope of work. Examples might be searching for and finding an appraiser and meeting them at the home, on behalf of the owner, for the purposes of a refinance on the property. While we are always pleased to assist when and where we are asked, we find it necessary to charge for our time to complete such out of scope services, billed at a rate of $50/hour.

Are we locked into a long-term property management contract?

There is NO long-term commitment on your part. We're highly service oriented and confident you will be pleased with our performance. This is our Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied you can discontinue our services at any time after the first month on 30-day notice. To assure that there is only one property manager at a time handling a property, however, our agreement is exclusive in nature while under contract.

What are “Owner Reserves” and how are they managed?

Owner Reserves (sometimes referred to as property “Working Capital”) is a concept related to property maintenance. This is an amount (typically $500) of the property owner’s funds that PURE holds in our broker trust account as contingency funds for any repairs, daily obligations, maintenance issues, and emergencies that may occur at the property over the course of the given month. Typical items paid out of the reserve might include HOA dues, gardener, pool service, or routine maintenance items. If expenses should exceed the $500 reserve, or if PURE needs funds for repairs which are to be completed, an owner deposit will be requested to pay for such expenses.

What is the “Maintenance Limit” as it relates to property management?

PURE, if selected by you, may be appointed to supervise and handle certain repairs, maintenance items, and improvements at your property during any month. PURE shall obtain prior approval from the owner for any expenditure over the maintenance limit (typically set at $500). Any minor items below the maintenance limit will be resolved using our own best judgement. The only exceptions would be recurring monthly autopayments preauthorized by the owner through our “bill pay service” such as HOA dues, pool/spa service, gardener, insurance or tax payments, etc. PURE reserves the right to act outside of the maintenance limit for emergency expenditures when, in our opinion, action is needed to protect the property.

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